Ministry Description

Alter Servers - Jean Beneteau 519-736-5418 - Dedicated members, grade 6 and beyound who help serve on the Altar during Mass.

Alter Society - Fran Gawadyzn - These silent, faithful workers clean the vessels, altar area, and other items for Sunday worship. This takes about 1 hour to complete and is a very valuble service which helps to ensure quailty Liturgy.

Bi Weekly Adult Catechesis - Sunday evenings from 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm led by Fr. Brian to look at the faith in a deeper and more complete way

Building Committee - A group of volunteers that advise the Pastor on the condition of the buildings at the parish, and repairs needed.

Baptismal Preperation - Sue White, Bev Bondy -

Bible Study-Weekly -Wednesday mornings breaking open scipture and books that are related to the faith.

Centering Prayer - A method designed to facilitate the development of contemplative prayer by preparing our faculties to receive this gift. This method of prayer is a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Him.

Church Enviroment - Bonnie Deslippe, Christine Soulliere This ministry has volunteers that decorate the church for the seasons, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Ordinary Time.

Capital Campaign Committee - This group comes together when a large sum of money is needed to be raised in the parish.

Cursillo Weekend - This is a short course on the faith. Our parish hosted a Curcillo weekend for men and women on behalf of the Windsor - Essex Curcillo Movement.

Collection Counters - This ministry gather each week to count the collection that was taken up at Mass.

Cor Weekend - Directors: Jean Beneteau, Ila Colombe. This weekend is for young adults grade 11 and older and is held once every year. The focus of the retreat is the presence of God in our lives and in the people around us.

Childrens Liturgy - Joyce Jubenville -The volunteers for this ministry welcome children in grade 2 to grade 5 to a special liturgy before the Lector begins to read and returning to their seats during the Offertory at the 10:00 am Mass.

Columbian Ladies Aux. - Work closely to support our Knights and our Parish. We provide services, funds for various charities and projects and have social functions for the Ladies.

Drama Team - This team through drama and skits proclaim a gospel message for Confirmation opening, 1st Communion opening and Confirmation retreats.

Encor, Reunion - This group meets prior to the COR weekend for alumni members to focus on the upcoming COR weekend and to strengthen their faith through Eucharist and prayer.

Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors & Commentators - Eucharistic ministers distribute the body and blood of Christ at Sunday worship, Lectors; proclaim the scripture readings at each Sunday Liturgy, Commentators provide the first welcome to the Mass, offer the prayers of the faithful, announce hymns and communicate important parish messages to the congregation.

Finacce and Fundraising Committee - Mandated by Canon Law, the finance committee meets to review parish finances and advise the Pastor regarding these matters.
The fundraising committee takes care of the sales of " Grocery Cards ", that are sold after every Mass and at the parish office.

Funeral Mass Parish Prayers - Along with a Funeral Mass there are Parish Prayers for the deceased at the funeral home. We have a Wake Service Ministry in our parish that provides this service to the family. They meet with the family and the priest to discuss the wake service.

Faith Buddies Ministry - For children 7-9 years old with the focus on playing games, sharing faith stories, making crafts and making friends and learning what it means to be Catholic.

Historical Committee - Laura Bondy - The committee's interest is in preserving the history of St. John The Baptist Parish which was established in 1802.

Hospitality Committee - Barb Soulliere - This group of volunteers welcome new members to parish life by means of Coffee Sundays, distributors of information packages and staffing a welcome desk.

Knights of Columbus - Grand Knight Len Tetreault -A Catholic Mens organization with the main focus on Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Meetings are held 1st Tuesday of every month at the Knights of Columbus Hall 190 Richmond St.

Liturgy Advisory Team - Marie Burns, Doris Kitka, Laura Vitella, Illa Colombe - The team meets with the Pastor to discuss upcoming Liturgical services in the parish, for example, our Cemetery Mass, our Memorial Mass, all Advent and Lenten celebrations.

Liturgical Dance Team - This team express their faith and their prayer through movement to modern music as it can be applied to the Gospel. Using modern creative dance this group choreographs and prepare prayer services for Diocesan and public events, retreats, specific occasions of worship. Their work presents the Gospel through a medium they love - music and dance! The junior team members are from grade 4 to grade 7, and the senior team members are from grade 8 through all of high school and beyond.

Music - Celebration Singers and Traditional Choir -John McLaughlin, Mary Murray, Laura Vitella, Rebecca McGuire, Barbe Jaques. - Resurrection choir is a very important and rewarding ministry in our church, it is that of singing at funerals.
5 pm Mass the Celebration Singers provide contemporary praise and worship music. The focus is on the encouragement of participation and evangelization to the youth of our church and the young at heart! 10 am Mass the Traditional Choir. The traditional choir have practices each Wednesday from 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm

Parish Improvment - This is a sub committee of the Historical committee and raises money for such things as the Stain Glass windows and presently the flooring for the church.

Parish Retreat - The parish retreat starts Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon. The retreat has a different theme every year and it allows parishioners to come closer to God.

Sunday School - Laura Vitella - Welcomes children age 3 to the end of senior kindergarten age. Parents leave their children in the parish centre in the Fr. Ware room before the 10 am Mass for liturgically oriented activities until after Mass.

Stewardship Commettee - Bev Bondy - This ministry is to evangelize the parish to better use their time, talent and treasure to enrich the lives of all our parishioners.

Social Justice Committie Chair -

Ushers - Bill Carr - The function of an Usher is twofold. Initially, we must warmly greet all who come to our Church. Be they visitors, occasional worshipers or regular attendees, we have to make them feel welcome and then offer to assist in any manner we can. Secondly, we must, in a quite and efficient manner, take up the collection and upon completion be sure the offerings are ready to be taken up to the front in a timely fashion. Once mass is completed we should offer each family a copy of the bulletin and again, wish them a pleasant day/week.

Wake Service- Micheal Specht, Denise Bondy, Carol Oulette, Paul McGuire, Bernadette O'Mahoney

Youth Groups - Monday, Grade 5 youth group members and team leaders meet weekly.
Wednesday, Grade 6 youth group members and team leaders meet weekly.
Wednesday, Grade 8 youth group members and team leaders meet weekly
Thrursday, Grade 7 youth group members and team leaders meet weekly.

Young Adult Ministry - Members meet 4-5 hours monthly to discuss topics that relate to young adults in society. It is a discussion based around Catholic beliefs and includes a social.

Youth Ministry - Jean Beneteau